Mike & Terry's Golden Retriever 'Darby'  8 weeks of age

Darby meets Harley our Macaw

Darby at 5 months

Marion & Mick Pettifer's rough coated Jack Russel Terrior 'Ty' aged 6 months

Sheila Burrow's cat 'Cleo'

Sheila Burrow's Border Collie 'ZAC'

Pat Welsh's dog 'Gerry'

Sheila Burrow's cat 'Shala'

Caz King's 6 yrs old Lurcher 'Mollie'

Jeni Pepper's 'Tess'
Gone but never forgotten

Jeni Pepper's 'Merlin' 3yrs

Jeni Pepper's 'Tika' 2yrs

John G Sutton with 'Grumble'. John is the one wearing the wedding ring.

Josi Taylors dog 'Griffen'

Susan Haynes 'Moe'

Susan Haynes 'Bill'

Susan Haynes 'Rhoid'

Susan Haynes 'Rosie'

Len Slades Florida Panther

Maureen Montford's 8yrs of age Border Collie 'Meg'. Gone but not forgotten on September 17th 2003.

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