PENSION ADVICE for Ex Lancashire Folk

In October 0f 06 I reached 65 and the latest number to ring from the States is 01144-191-218-7777

On 8th September 98, I received an email from Ray Long (the oldun from Olham).  It's worth reading.  In a nutshell, it is saying. If you receive a form from the (DHSS) British Department of Health and Social Security, complete the form, get it witnessed and return it within eight weeks'

Further information confirms that via a random computer choice, only 10% of old age pensioners have up to date received the 'said form'.  but it is imperative that those who do, return within 8 weeks of reciept. 

Other people should be patient`


Former british residents receiving a pension or widow's benefit from Great Britain could lose it if they don't respond to a recent letter they received, warns a Mississauga resident. Dorothy Jamieson, 80, and a world war II veteran who receives a British pension, is worried many expatriates could lose their funds if they don't fill out the form."A lot of these people may not be able to read the forms or may not understand how important they are," says Jamieson. A letter from the British government says that if recipients do not fill out a declaration that they are still eligible for their funds, and have it witnessed and returned in two months, they will lose part of their income. "If you do not do this, your benefit will be suspended,"says the letter from the British Department of Social Security. "My concern is for the elderly in nursing homes," who may not understand the importance of the correspondence, says the Cooksville resident.  "A great number depend on this benefit." It is quite likely that if they lose their British pension, many expatriates may have to apply for a supplementary pension or welfare in Canada, notes Jamieson.

For many years, Jamieson has been fighting to have the British pensions paid to Canadian residents upgraded to recognize the effects of inflation.  The amount of the pensions for those living in Canada has been frozen since 1949. However, agreements with other governments, such as those in the United states, have resulted in significantly upgraded pensions for British expatriates there.

Very Interesting, eventhough some of the article is geared to those in nursing homes, I think you will still find it important to know.

Below is a posting made by an Ex Pat to the disussion board from Australia on 12 April 1999.

John from Downunder wrote on April 12. 1999, 01:29: E-mail: 

Pensioners paying Australian Tax. It has taken me 17yrs and five Accountants to find out that anyone paying tax on a pension they have contributed to i.e. UK State pension or superannuation pension, are entitled to a rebate each year based on the contributions made. The Tax Office have only accepted four years of retrospective claims so I have missed out on a substantial amount of rebate for earlier years. I would hate this to happen to anyone else so if anyone out there is in this same situation I would be happy to send you the details of how to claim by email.

Here is a message which was posted to the discussion page by Marion Witham in December 2000


Department of Social Security
Pensions and Overseas Benefits Directorate
Newcastle upon Tyne
England NE98 1BA

Telephone :- 011- 44 - 191 - 21 - 83634

Fax # :- 011 - 44 - 191 - 21 - 83594

Your National Insurance Number:-
Spouse's National Insurance Number:-
Required if you know them, ( although they can trace them but takes more time )

When applying for a UK pension.
Birth certificates ( don't send originals )
Marriage Certificates
Death Certificates
( you can take the completed forms down to your local Canada Pensions Office along with the required certificates and they will stamp the forms and sign them as being true and accurate, but you will have to phone them to make an appointment.

In the U.S.A your Social Security office will probably provide the same service.

When you phone the UK Pensions ask them if they will please send you a Forecast of your own personal pension and how much you can expect to receive when you retire also the cost of voluntary contributions to increase your personal pension,
Your Widows pension ( if this is what you are applying for ) will become a retirement pension when you reach retirement age and this will combine with any retirement pension you receive in your own right. Also for females ask for your retirement date, as this is going to vary up until 2010 when it will then be 65yrs for both men & women

Any time you phone make a point of writing down the Date, Time and the name of the person you spoke to.
If you have to leave a message tell them the best time to call you remembering that they are a few hours ahead of us but they are very good for returning calls, I usually call around 2am our time.

More UPDATED info sent in by Maura Engel 30th July 2003 click the spot    

Maid Marion (North of the Border/Hoghton Nr Preston)
April 21, 2006 6:31 PM
Re:- British Social Security Pensions for persons living overseas in one of the Commonwealth Countries your pension is not indexed, but, if you are visiting the U.K.and are receiving a pension from the UK you can apply for an increase for the length of your stay, you won't receive this increase until you return to the country where you live. You will be covered for Medical emergencies but not any preconditioned illnesses. If you still in possesion of your British Medical Identity Card which is Buff Coloured then it is a good idea to take it with you.
Address: - British Social Security Pension.
Department of Social Security
Pensions and Overseas Benefits and Directorate.
Newcastle Upon Tyne.
NE98 1BA Phone:- 44 191 218 2828 FAX:- 44 191 218 3594


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