Page two Pets Corner

Colin and Sue's 'Tess'

Colin and Sue's 'Sparky'

Colin and Sue's 'Bubbles'

Phyllis Whites dog 'Martha'

Foxy Lady is Pam and Eric's 4yr old Tenterfield Terrior

This is RKTs 5months old kitten Sammy.



Glo's cat Audrey


Sammy again Christmas 2011

Dennis Dickensons Misty and Ginger




In memory of Barb Naylor's Pets Casey & Hitty


Buck 7mths and Mac 10mths. Mike & Terry,s two cats
with Darby now 3yrs


Robyn Bocsek and her cat Pip.








Susan Pendelbury's 7 weeks old Manchester Terrier 'Stella'

John Edmonsons pup 'MILLIE'

John Smiths Mil & Mol


Tony & Janns 'AMBER'


Tony & Janns 'Milo'


Marley Quinn. Jeni Peppers border collie pup

Jills Pets

Barb Whitman's Pups 'Chance' and 'Bella'

Chance Feb 02

Bella Feb 02

Gaby Zellers Beagle 'AMBER'

Barb Whitman's cat 'Magic'


Barb Whitman's cat 'Merlin'
Feb 02

Frank Langfords dogs. 

Wellington;->Bernese Mountain dog X English sheepdog

 Nelson:->Scottish Deerhound X English Bull Mastiff

 and Finnigan:-> Full Blooded Irish Wolfhound.