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Hi all you Ex-Lancashire Folk and welcome to my home page...Here is a little about Sue and me. Although I was not born in Lancashire, I did live in Blackpool from 1960 - 1964. I was born in London. The above photo was taken here in Florida. Sue was born in Maidstone in Kent, and lived there all her life, until coming to live in Florida. We met after I came out of the RAF and went to live in Maidstone. We now live in a fast growing town, named Port Richey Florida, which is 30 miles north of Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. They are vacation spots, with gorgeous beaches. We are only 100 miles from all the attractions at Disney World and about 140 miles from the Space Center. We have most of our visitors in the winter months from the north and Canada... We also have some of the best restaurants in Florida...We were restaurants owners for 5 years...There is always plenty to do, with at least a dozen bowling alleys and 24 cinemas..We also love to travel..
While serving in the RAF, I did many things, and went many places...A few of the special things were..I was on the 'H bomb' test on Christmas Island in the Pacific in 1958..I saw 4 bombs tested...It was an awesome sight. I find it hard to explain to people...From 1964 - 1967 I was stationed in Fontainebleau, near Paris with N.A.T.O...Two years ago I found 2 of the American Airforce guys, through the internet, that I knew there, and have had the pleasure of meeting them again..A 30 year gap...In 1972 I was stationed in Gan, an island in the Indian ocean, for 9 months, and had the pleasure of driving Princess Margaret and Princess Alexandria..After coming out of the RAF, I became a Road Safety Officer in Kent...Twelve years ago Sue and me came to live in Florida...We bought a restaurant and obtained a business visa..Six years ago we 'won' the 'Green Card' in the world lottery..
Here are a few home pictures for you to browse through.

Us at Gracelands   

Our old restaurant, 'Susies'      








Me and Granddaugter Jenna.

Jasper Carrot and family in our restaurant.

Me at my favorite sport

Sue and daughter Sandra at Clearwater Beach

This is Y.T.

Our other pet..G.T.

Click here for our photo albums.

If you are ever in the Tampa area, why not call and see us, you would be most welcome.