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Polly goes under the waves

'Polly the travelling frog' went with 9 divers on a scuba 'live aboard' vacation to the Cayman Islands in August of 2010. Polly asked several times to come scuba diving with us on one of our dives.. Kristi took Polly inside her camera housing as you will see on the short film. We sailed aboard the Cayman Aggressor 4 which was a fantastic vessal. I believe that Polly shared a cabin with Jeff and Kristi during her vacation.

read all about polly the travelling frog here

This is the Bacup Coconutters dancing their way passed the top of our street where I was born in Stacksteads.


BACUP and STACKSTEADS in bygone days.

Humming birds tamed in Alaska.

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Model airplane enthusiast

Check this model of all models out  http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=SDbQ5xvsrIU