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Hello and welcome to our mini home page.  Updated 2004

I (Anne) was Born in Burnley in 1939 just 5 days after the war broke out.  I went to St. Augustines RC school and then to Paddock House Convent Grammar in Ojohnmaher.jpg (10915 bytes)swaldtwistle. We moved to Liverpool when I was 14 due to Dads job. There I met John who was born in Bootle and lived in Ireland during part of the war and after. We married in1958 and had Bernadette almost a year later then John just 11 months later, then I found out what caused it. We moved to Maryland in 1963 where John worked in Washington DC on construction jobs in the metropolitan area as an foreman electrician. (Update, MOved to Pearland, Texas, 2004) Bernadette got her degree in Nursing from U.of MD.  and has since become a Clinical research Associate which sent her to Yo..York.. Yorshi.. for a year opening up an office there. When she came back to Durham she met Bob at a Duke basketball game and they married and gave us Molly and Sean. Our son John followed in his fathers career and still lives in MD with his wife Rosa. They visit whenever they can. Now my daughter and family live in Houston TX as Bob is an Oncologist there at MD Anderson. We have been going back to England most every year and love it but I do not think we could live there again. When John retired his company gave us a trip to Aus., NZ and Fiji. House Maher.jpg (16702 bytes)

After retiring we moved to Southport NC thinking we would be nearer the grandchildren then they had to move to TX. Still we will have seen them 5 times this year so it is not so bad. John enjoys playing golf now and a few guys have a coffee clatch at the local Java Coffee a few mornings a week but they usually go on their bikes.  I love to cycle and try to go at least five miles a day, then I like to garden but not cleaning up after Hurricanes.  Also like to decorate and sew and when I have time after all this to read. We both love Britusa On Line. and miss it whenever we travel. Spent a month between London and Ireland in 1998. Had a great
time meeting John's relatives in Ireland. We drove down to Texas over Christmas and New Year.
Having lots of company in 1999.
As promised. Here are our Grand children Molly and Sean. This was taken on Christmas Eve 1998.   Sean and Grandad are inseperable. Our daughter Bernadette sent us the poem below ...The black and white picture below is of John and I taken in 1959 in Burnley.

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Grandma's on the internet...

Grandma's on the internet
You won't believe the nuts she's met
But what she'd really like to know
Is- Where are those who quilt and sew
And do the things she likes to do?
She'd give them hints, and learn some too.

She used to be "scared" of a wee little mouse
Would scream if one ever got in the house.
Now she hugs one night and day
She'd rather cuddle it than stay
On the couch and watch t.v.Copy_of_AnneJohn1958drop.jpg (10510 bytes)
Her first love now is her PC

she'd like to see it all unfurled
So much to learn in this new world.
She could explore it from her chair
But mostly, she plays solitaire
But that's o.k. she doesn't care
About the weather in Zaire.

Windows were glass she'd wash and look through
Now they are programs to help us all view
The earth and the sea and the beautiful sky
A virus was something from which you could die
Now it's a nuisance that could spoil your day,
But it can be fixed and sent on it's way.

She served her time with diapers and dishes.
Now she can do whatever she wishes
And if that means staying up half the night
To point arrows at icons-that's really alright.

A bit was something you had little of.
Now it takes eight bytes to make the above
It's all so confusing, it makes her head ache.
A byte was something you take from a cake.
She's learning more about it now
Her four year old grandchild showed her how.

update 21 July 2000

Here is a picture of the very latest addition to the family circle. Our Grandchild Jack at 4days of age.

Keep coming back, I will keep an eye open for you