Hi kids, here I am again in the year 2000. I am nine years of age now.
We have moved into a larger  house in Ephrata, PA.  My new friend is called Harley.  She is a 3years old Macaw Parrot from South America.  Do you know that my new friend Harley can talk like real people talk.  She is a very clever bird and says "Hello Harley" and "Bye Bye" and "See you later" and she shouts to my mum "TERRY".  The best thing about this new house is, it has a big swimming pool in the back yard. Yes a BIG swimming pool and my dad lets me swim in there every day. I love swimming in the nice clear water. It's much better than swimming in the dirty creeks around here. The clean water makes my coat very clean and shiny.
 Here I am ready to go for a swim.

I am sat on the diving board but I am a little afraid of diving off the board so I dive in the water from the banking.  The picture below is of me swimming. The other picture of me is after my dad dressed me up in my swimming goggles and life jacket. He knows I can swim without a life jacket but he likes to dress me up. He is funny, and come to think of it, so am I..  I look very funny don't you think so kids?  But do you know what to do if you can't swim very good?  You should always wear a life jacket or arm bands so you don't sink in the water. Remember to always wear a life jacket for me kids and NEVER go near water unless an adult is with you.  Will you promise me that please? You should start to learn to swim at a very early age.  It is great fun learning to swim but you have to be with an adult who can teach you.    My dad is a great swimmer and he taught me how to swim the doggy paddle when I was three.  Harley will never be able to swim because he doesn't have any arms. He only has wings and wings are for flying.   I would like to have wings as well as arms so  I could fly and swim as well. Would you like to have wings so you could fly? Can you see me swimming in the picture below?

Harry and Helen run like crazy all over the house and one day Harry fell in the pool. I laughed so much I almost died. Even Harley our Parrot had a good laugh. Another day my dad was taking a picture of Harry drinking the pool water from the bank and my dad slipped and fell in the pool. I laughed like crazy again. Every one seems to be falling into the pool. Its a good job we can all swim. Don't forget to learn to swim JUST in case you ever fall into water.
Here is a close up picture of Harley laughing at Harry licking himself dry after falling in the pool.

Below is a picture of our new house. We all love living here. 

Take care kids and don't forget, if you see a Golden Retriever dog, then give him a stroke..  It just might be me.... BYE