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    Hi and welcome to our home page . We live in Helsby near Frodsham in Cheshire, England.  Cheshire County is probably the nicest part of the North of England. Situated in middle England and adjoining NSste2.jpg (9733 bytes)orth Wales, our County Town Chester is one of the oldest in England, dating back to the Roman times. Chester is surrounded by a castle type defence wall, which is still standing today and is a great tourist attraction. Many fine Tudor buildings still stand today in and around Chester and are open to the public.  Most of Chester County is preserved for farmland and dairy cattle and much of England rely on the produce from this industry. Chester Town has many many attractions available to the general public, one being the famous Chester Zoo.  A must when visiting this area.
         My lovely wife Karen and I have three gorgeous childrenpage kids..jpg (8928 bytes). Our eldest Scott, is a fine young man and has recently been accepted to Sir John Deanes College at Northwich   where he plans to take 4 "A" levels and possibly go on to a career in the RAF.  We have twin girls Melanie and Emma who are the love of our lives. This picture was taken at the rear of our house. Scott at the back listening to his personal stereo and the "peas" as we affectionately refer to the girls, are in the forefront. (Like as two peas in a pod).  My  wife Karen, is the mainstay of thkaran drop.jpg (28511 bytes)e family unit. A horse lover, she retrieved a pony which we have stabled at a nearby field. Unfortunately, we do not have a picture of the animal but intend to post one up on the page in the very near future. So now you will have to settle for a picture of me instead.  My ugly mug is the picture on the left. Not unlike the pony, but my ears are slightly shorter.hehe. Slightly cleaner in my habits than the pony, I clean up after any mess  I may make.  Karen is kept busy in that field (excuse the pun).  So without further ado, here is a picture of Karen. So what did I tell you? Karesteves kawasaki1.jpg (13868 bytes)n is the real love of my life and without her, life would just not be worth living. I realize this fact as I get older, and now I tell the world my real true feelings for this great lady.   Thankyou my love, for everything you have given to me since our first meeting. .

Here is a picture of a bike that I rebuilt to original specification. It is a 1977 model Kawasaki Z1000-A1.  I   intend to get hold of another specimen to play with in the not too distant future.!

          Now onto my other likes and dislikes.  I am a Jazz music lover and my main man is Pat methany[1].jpg (29549 bytes)Metheny  spot.gif (882 bytes). Click on the dot for a page on Pat. This guy is the be all and end all in jazz music.  A brilliant technician on guitar,   I have seen him with his group live and you really have to hear him to appreciate just how talented this guy is. Should you ever have the opportunity to see one of his shows, then I strongly advise any jazz lover not to miss out on this experience.

I have just returned from a receSste8.jpg (14901 bytes)nt holiday in Pennsylvania USA. I stayed with my Uncle MikeSste4.jpg (13618 bytes) and his wife Terry.  We had fun taking funny pictures during my stay.  Take a look at me as a Country Star from the Grand Old Opri and as a cowboy.

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